Midwifery Made Easier

Imagine delivering a baby without light. Rosette Uwayezu, the 23-year-old midwife in charge of maternity services at Green Valley Health Center II, knows what its like to deliver babies in near darkness. Her facility is located in Rubanda District in

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The Power of Partnership: Pathfinder International Ethiopia

By Fisseha Moges, National Programs Management Support Advisor Pathfinder International    At Pathfinder, we believe that collaboration and partnership in health are central to strengthening the healthcare delivery systems and enhancing the capacity of healthcare providers and leaders and is

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“Our Survival Depends on It!”

In Africa, it’s rather uncommon to see women engineers climbing up onto a roof or using a cordless drill. Since the time we first launched our Women’s Solar Ambassador program in 2012, we have been changing norms.  Women are the

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We Care Solar launches Successful Ambassador Program

In October 2012, 14 women arrived in Berkeley, California to take part in  a very unique workshop. Some arrived from Colorado, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington; others flew in from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Mexico. Their objective? To learn

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SAFE in Uganda with the Solar Suitcase

“There’s going to be a lot of babies saved, a lot of women saved,” exclaimed Ugandan midwife Esther Madudu, after receiving a Solar Suitcase. Until last month, Esther had been conducting nighttime deliveries holding a cellphone in her teeth. When

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Power to Save Lives

Dr. Jacques Sebisaho revealed the power of the Solar Suitcase to save lives this December, when he returned to Idjwi clinic in the DR Congo. The clinic has no power, and when night falls, it is impossible to provide adequate

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Intisar Ali shows Solar Suitcase headed to Somalia

Bringing Light and Improved Care to Somalia

Intisar Ali, a registered nurse from San Jose, is headed to Somalia this week. Although she loves her job caring for refugees who have come to United States, her heart is in her homeland. Intisar came to our Solar Suitcase

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WE CARE Solar Suitcase Workshop Participants in September 2011

WE CARE Solar Suitcase headed to Somalia, Sudan, and India

At our September WE CARE Solar Suitcase orientation class in Berkeley, a passionate group of volunteers came together to learn about electricity, off-grid photovoltaic systems, and Solar Suitcase installation.  The workshop brought together an international group of solar engineers, social

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Frog Designers with WE CARE Solar team

Collaborating “Outside of the Box”

The WE CARE Solar team is hard at work –optimizing the design and function of the solar suitcase. We went to Nigeria in July and brought back photos, room measurements, and surveys of the clinical activities conducted at 28 health

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