Our work is only possible through our partnerships. We partner with Governments, UN Agencies, and local and international NGOs in both the health and energy sectors. Our partners co-lead implementation to improve maternal health outcomes through the provision of reliable lighting and electricity. We Care Solar initiatives would not be possible without the incredible generosity of our funders and supporters.

Health Partners

We work with organizations that are already supporting health systems and are interested in using the Solar Suitcase to maximize the impact of their maternal and newborn programs. Our health partners assist with selecting suitable health facilities, building government relationships, monitoring and evaluation, and advocacy.

Technical Partners

Our technical partners work with us to ensure high quality installations, train users on how to operate the system, and work with our government partners to maintain the equipment. We Care Solar’s technical partners play a critical role in ensuring health facilities benefit from the Solar Suitcase for years to come.

Government Partners

Governments, through their respective ministries, ensure a clear understanding of implementation through signing joint partnership agreements with We Care Solar, identifying and prioritizing recipient health facilities, easing logistical challenges, and providing long-term support to ensure successful and sustainable programs.

Funders and Supporters

Our work would not be possible without the generosity of our funders and supporters. We are grateful to the individuals, foundations, educational institutions, and corporations that contribute their resources, expertise, and services in support of our mission.