Our Model

Innovation at Scale

Design and Engineering

Our team has designed the Solar Suitcase with the end user in mind. The latest Solar Suitcase (Version 3) was launched in 2019 and features enhanced technology, an improved user interface, and appliance storage.

Field Testing

The Solar Suitcase design is based on 10 years of field research. The V3 prototype was tested in Ghana and Uganda, and end user and installer feedback was incorporated into the final design.


Our Solar Suitcases are manufactured with the highest quality parts to ensure longevity. Premier Manufacturing, based in the United States, manufactures the Solar Suitcase.

Quality Programming

Capacity Building

We build local capacity in Solar Suitcase installation, use, and maintenance with in-depth training for installers and government technicians to create effective, sustainable programs. On-site training of health workers is a necessary component of our program model.


We work with government and NGO partners to assess and select appropriate health facilities to receive Solar Suitcases. Our trained teams conduct installations to the highest standards and we build quality control mechanisms into all of our programs.


Sustainability is paramount to the success of our mission. Our technical design, programmatic approach, and allocation of resources ensure that Solar Suitcases provide at least a decade of reliable lighting and electricity.



Our work would not be possible without the generosity of our funders and supporters. We are grateful to the individuals, foundations, and corporations that contribute their resources, expertise, and services in support of our mission.


Our local implementing partners are the backbone of our programs. Our diverse range of health, solar, and research partners support and strengthen our impact.


Government support is integral to the success of our programs. They help identify and prioritize recipient health facilities, ease logistical challenges, and provide long-term support to ensure successful and sustainable programs.

Amplifying Impact

Best Practices

We use evidence-based best practices to implement and strengthen our programs. Our reflective and continually improving approach helps us ensure effective use of resources to maximize our impact.


Since 2010, we have evaluated health data and interviewed end-users to understand the impact of our programs. Our research shows that access to reliable light and electricity increases utilization, improves quality obstetric care, and reduces life-threatening delays.


We actively engage with partners and global leaders to advocate for clean energy for safe childbirth. We identify champions and invite them to join our advocacy efforts at a national and international scale through our Light Every Birth initiative.