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Light Every Birth

An international initiative to ensure every mother has access to a safe, well-lit delivery.

© Aude Guerrucci / Innovations for Poverty Action

You can’t treat what
you can’t see.

Hundreds of thousands of health facilities lack reliable electricity. The consequences are tragic. Health workers struggle in near-darkness, relying on ambient light from kerosene lanterns, candles, or cell phones. Procedures are delayed or cancelled. Lives are lost. To be effective obstetric care requires bright light and continuous power.

No woman should die
giving life.

Around the world 300,000 mothers lose their lives from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. More than one million newborns don’t survive their day of birth.

5 Countries – 5 Years – 17 million Lives

Our Approach:

We are targeting five critical countries with high rates of maternal mortality and inadequate energy access: Liberia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. We aim to reach more than 8,000 centers in the first five years, serving millions of mothers and newborns.

We partner with ministries of health, UN agencies, and international NGO’s to ensure EVERY eligible maternal health center within a country has reliable power. 

Our Solar Suitcases are specifically designed for maternal health care.

Our technical workshops build local capacity in solar installation and servicing to promote program sustainability.

Our health worker trainings ensure that recipients know how to properly use the Solar Suitcase and related medical devices. 

Light Every Birth Zimbabwe

Light Every Birth Zimbabwe

In 2020, We Care Solar launched Light Every Birth Zimbabwe in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Childcare. The event was officiated by the First Lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa, who pledged her support for bringing clean energy to safe childbirth throughout the country. To date, We Care Solar has equipped 200 health centers in Zimbabwe with Solar Suitcases in partnership with ZimEnergy EcoFoundation. In 2019, we trained installers at Engineering World, Eletech and ZimEnergy EcoFoundation to expand our programs and train health workers in hundreds of health centers in the coming years.

Light Every Birth Liberia

Liberia is our first Light Every Birth success! We equipped 430 health centers with our Solar Suitcases, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNWomen, EnDev, Africare, and PHIL, and trained 2,203 health workers to use our technology. Now, every eligible health center in Liberia has clean energy for safe childbirth! This is an incredible milestone for all of us: proving that it is feasible and possible to Light Every Birth throughout an entire country!

Light Every Birth Uganda

Uganda became our second Light Every Birth country with a formal launch conducted by the Ministry of Health in 2018. More than 600 health facilities have been equipped with Solar Suitcases and hundreds more will be served in 2019. Past and present partners include UNICEF,Pathfinder, Save the Children, AMREF, Doctors with Africa CUAMM, Safe Mothers Safe Babies,Brick by Brick, Intrahealth, and Healthy Child Uganda.

“Effective quality of care for mothers and newborns depends upon light and electricity. Even the best trained practitioners are handicapped in darkness. Light Every Birth builds upon our efforts to achieve Universal Healthcare Access and improve maternal and newborn survival.”
— Dr. Jane Aceng, Minister of Health, Uganda.

Join us, as we Light Every Birth.

Together, we can shine a light on safe childbirth.