Remember We Care Solar in Your Will

We invite you to strengthen your commitment to our mission by designating a gift in your will.

Bequests make a meaningful difference in our ability to provide reliable, life-saving power to last-mile health clinics and train the next generation of women leaders to install and maintain solar systems for years to come.

Gifts in Your Will

Gifts in your will or living trust can be a stated amount, or all or a percentage of the residue of your estate (after debts, taxes and other specific bequests have been paid). Unrestricted gifts give us the flexibility to use your gift where it is needed most. We recommend that you consult with your tax attorney about your plans for the future.


Sample Language to Use in Your Will:
“I give and bequeath to We Care Solar, Inc., 2140 Shattuck Ave, Suite 305, Berkeley, CA 94704, Federal Tax ID#: 30-0627106 [the sum of ____________ dollars ($_____)
[ ____ % of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate], to be used for its general charitable purposes.”

The Light The Future Society

Please fill out this form and let us know your plans so we can include you in our Light The Future Society. 

For more information on how to include We Care Solar in your estate plans, contact  Sarah Judd, Development Director
(802) 238-2850

You can also reach us by post. Mail the downloadable form to 2140 Shattuck Ave. Suite 305, ATTN: Sarah Judd, Berkeley, CA 94704 

You have the power to save lives.
Thank you for including We Care Solar in your will!

Other Ways to Leave a Lasting Gift

You may name We Care Solar a beneficiary of your retirement account (IRA, 401(k), etc.), commercial annuity, bank or brokerage account, or life insurance policy. Please contact your financial institution to find out how to make a beneficiary designation.