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March 1-5, 2010 : WE CARE Solar sponsors Solar Electric Class for those working in the Developing World

In March 2010, Hal Aronson, co-founder of WE CARE Solar will team up with five-day intensive course on solar electricity for the developing world. This hands-on course will train participants in basic solar electric design and installation. For more information, see:

This class is aimed at people wanting to design, install, or maintain solar photovoltaic electric systems in the developing world. Workshop participants will learn how to design systems that will meet the electrical needs for a specific facility whether it is a primary health care clinic, a maternity ward, an operating room, a laboratory, or a school. Participants will learn how to estimate energy needs and design a system that safely delivers the solar power that is needed.

Participants will be trained in wiring technique and will assemble several types of systems from suitcase-sized (20 to 60 watts) to systems up to 600 watts. Students will also learn how to use solar to pump water. Instruction will be given on how to test, troubleshoot, and maintain photovoltaic systems.

Participants will have the option to build their own portable solar electric system. It will fit into a suitcase and can be sized to deliver 20 to 60 watts of electricity. Students wishing to build a system they take with them will need to inform us in advance to enable us to order necessary components for your needs

This class will be located in a beautiful LEEDS certified building at Ohlone Community College in Newark, California. For more information, contact us or contact Ohlone College directly via: Professor Narinder Bansal or Chris Warden



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