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High School Students Come to the RESCUE

When high school senior Jesse Del Bono heard about the crisis in Haiti, he wanted to do something tangible. And he had started just the right club to join WE CARE Solar in making a difference. Jesse founded Club RESCUE, which stands for “Renewable Energy Sources Club: United Educators,” with the aim of enlightening fellow students, faculty members, elementary grade students and the general community about climate change, energy conservation and renewable energy (especially solar power!). Club RESCUE is based in Sacramento, California, and has initiated a range of innovative projects ( They asked WE CARE Solar if they could make solar suitcases for medical relief teams headed to Haiti as well as for our efforts in Africa. We taught Club Rescue the basics of assembly. In their first weekend, they assembled a whopping TEN control boards, boosting our efforts to produce solar suitcases for Haiti. Here’s a picture of Jesse in our home – just after he delivered the results of his team’s fruitful labor! Now all we need are the funds to keep this marvelous effort going!


Filling the Void

By Lindsay Maida, of The James and Sharon Maida Foundation Often when we consider global health and health care delivery, the patient is commonly thought

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Midwifery Made Easier

Imagine delivering a baby without light. Rosette Uwayezu, the 23-year-old midwife in charge of maternity services at Green Valley Health Center II, knows what its

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