Laurie Guevara-Stone

Laurie Guevara-Stone

By Laurie Guevara-Stone, Solar Energy International’s International Program Manager

This entry was originally posted on the Solar Energy International Blog on March 19, 2012.

Solar Energy International and WE CARE Solar are teaming up to train a group of women to be Solar Suitcase Ambassadors. Solar Suitcase Ambassadors will take a leadership role in solar suitcase installations and solar trainings in developing countries.

Solar Suitcase Training

More than 350,000 women die each year from pregnancy complications, and millions of infants are stillborn or die in the first days of life, primarily in regions with insufficient energy resources for conducting basic obstetric care. The award-winning WE CARE Solar Suitcase is an economical, easy-to-use portable power unit that provides health workers with highly efficient medical lighting and power for mobile communication, computers and medical devices.

Women who are interested in volunteering their time overseas to help improve maternal health care around the world will be accepted to the program through a stringent selection process. We are seeking women from diverse regions including United States, Africa, and Haiti. Women who commit to taking a leadership role as Solar Suitcase Ambassadors will receive a highly subsidized six-week online course on solar electricity, and then a one week in-person training in Berkeley, California, on the design, use and installation of the solar suitcase, international maternal health issues, and how to instruct the health care workers in the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the systems. Women from technical backgrounds and with experience in health care are encouraged to apply.

For more information, download the Solar Suitcase Ambassador brochure. To apply, please e-mail Laurie Guevara-Stone here.

6 Responses to Solar Energy International and WE CARE Solar Seek Solar Suitcase Ambassadors

  1. Margaret Traore says:

    As a midwife with strong family, personal and professional ties to Burkina Faso, I am very interested in your solar suitcase project. I would love to help in bringing this technology to Francophone Africa. I have experience as a teacher/trainer and an English/French translator. Please contact me.
    This is a very important project for saving mother’s and babies’ lives in resource poor countries. Thank you for your work!
    – – Maggie

  2. steven s clar says:

    i have a strong background in d.c.and batteries and repair of this type of equip.My wife and i are in our early eighties and in excellant health. if you are interested in a hard working team,please let us know. we saw a tv segment about your wonderful program and i know that we would be a good fit. we leave florida in a few weeks for new jersey. i’m sure that you have questions and we have some also. please call 239-368-0833. after may 15, call 973-667-7734. we have been volunteering since i left the navy in 1955 and have lengthy resumies.

  3. Sarah Berner says:

    I would love to be an ambassador in your wonderful project. I have a background in construction and engineering, and currently earning a Bachelor degree online, studying Environment Science. Please let me kbow how I can get involved. I was referred here by SEI(ive started to study their free renewable energy course) My phone is 330-983-9220.

  4. Darlington Aisu Ebajut says:

    They say late comers eat bones! But I have hope that I can help in being one of the Ambassadors in Uganda to help our women. Having worked as an IT & Telemedicine head in one of the Hospital in rural Uganda for six (6) years I was compelled to help women in any other ways/means. Having a technical background & passionate about women & child health am ready for the challenge.

  5. Margaret Asante says:

    Please get in touch through my email. I am a Senior Staff Nurse interested in your Solar Suitcase Ambassador Program aimed at supporting health delivery in rural and urban poor communities. Thank you.

  6. Ade okunola says:

    This is awesome ,am very thrill ,thankful and greatful most especially to Dr Stachel for going to Nigeria to volunteer in the area of ob/gyn and most especially in the hospital thanks once again.I am from Nigeria I went home last year it breaks my heart to see how women and children are dying of preventable care.i am interested in your training.Since i got back ve been looking for information on how I can get involve to reduce women and children mortality in Nigeria,I am from the Ogun state in the western part of Nigeria but I live here in NYC.Once again Big thanks,you,your husband and the entire team.

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