Power to Save Lives

Dr. Jacques Sebisaho revealed the power of the Solar Suitcase to save lives this December, when he returned to Idjwi clinic in the DR Congo. The clinic has no power, and when night falls, it is impossible to provide adequate

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Liberia – the power of light

We’ve been conducting research with the clinicians we met in Liberia to learn about their experience using the solar suitcase. The feedback has been uniformly great, as we hear how the suitcases are used to power lights, cell phones, and

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Liberia “Light Up A Life” Project

The Liberia “Light Up a Life” project was formally launched this week when three WE CARE Solar members flew to Liberia to join Dr. Fatorma Bolay of the Liberian Institute of Biomedical Research (LIBR) and Dr. Musu Duworka, of the

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