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Solar Suitcase Instruction in Liberian Clinic


We Care Solar: The Power to Save Lives
To save lives in childbirth by providing solar-powered solutions for skilled obstetric care.


Each year, over 303,000 women die from pregnancy and childbirth complications. Most of these deaths occur in Africa and Asia. Obstetric emergencies require prompt, appropriate, reliable care. Unreliable power and communication in health facilities result in:

  • Life-threatening delays in care
  • Inadequate lighting for obstetric and surgical procedures
  • Underutilization of health facilities


We Care Solar designs solar-powered systems to meet essential maternity care needs. Our We Care Solar Suitcases are designed to be safe, robust and efficient in powering:

  • Critical obstetric and surgical lighting
  • Mobile phones
  • Fetal heart rate monitors and essential medical devices

Our portable suitcase-size system is immediately operational. It can be mounted as a permanent system and expanded to power computers and blood bank refrigerators.


To date, we have equipped more than 2000 health centers, and trained over 5000 health workers, serving 700,000 mothers and their newborns. We Care Solar Suitcases can make the difference between life and death by:

  • Reducing delays in care
  • Increasing medical and surgical procedure safety
  • Increasing the capacity to care for mothers and newborns


The Solar Suitcase

Learn more about the We Care Solar Suitcase┬« created in our factory (shown below) for use in clinics and the We Share Solar Suitcase┬« created by students in the U.S. for use in schools in developing countries.

303 with doppler and panels multitip USB
The basic We Care Solar Suitcase┬« is a complete systems that includes two 20 watt solar panels, a 14 amp-hour sealed lithium ferrous phosphate battery, a 15A charge controller, two LED headlamps, a phone charger, a AA/AAA battery charger, and a fetal Doppler. Hardware for installation is included, along with a users manual and users poster.




Annual Report

We Care Solar - Annual Report 2014View the Annual Report for 2014




We Care Solar - Annual Report 2015View the Annual Report for 2015


The Solar Suitcase

We Care Solar designs portable, cost-effective Solar Suitcases that power critical lighting, mobile communication devices and medical devices in low resource areas without reliable electricity.

By equipping off-grid medical clinics with solar power for medical and surgical lighting, cell phones and essential medical devices, We Care Solar facilitates timely and appropriate emergency care, reducing maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, and improving the quality of care in Africa, Haiti and other regions.

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We Care Solar promotes safe childbirth in developing countries. Your donations allow us to fulfill requests from clinics around the world in need of Solar Suitcases. Donations also help us integrate new medical applications for the Solar Suitcase, expand our programs, and build a network of local Solar Suitcase trainers and technicians. We welcome and deeply appreciate your support.