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Solar Suitcase

V3 Solar Suitcase

Product Information

Our award-winning We Care Solar Suitcase® is a robust, easy-to-use solar electric system that provides last-mile health facilities with highly efficient medical lighting and power for mobile communication and small medical devices.

User Manual

Each Solar Suitcase comes with a User Manual that includes instructions on how to use and maximize the performance of the Solar Suitcase and appliances, a troubleshooting section, and a maintenance log.

Installation Guide

Our photo-rich installation guide will help installers understand how to properly install the solar panel, Solar Suitcase, and LED lights as well as how to teach health workers to use the Solar Suitcase.

Instructional Videos

We Care Solar has a suite of 20 instructional videos on all aspects of Solar Suitcase use and installation, covering basics such as how to use a drill to advanced topics such as technical diagnostics.


Maintenance and Troubleshooting

The Solar Suitcases are built with the highest quality parts. When properly installed, used, and serviced, and with one battery replacement, the Solar Suitcases can provide light for 10+ years. Nonetheless, we understand that maintenance and repairs are sometimes necessary. This page provides detailed information on what to do if you are experiencing a problem with your Solar Suitcase.

V2 Solar Suitcase

Solar Suitcase Version 2 (2012-2019)

If you received your We Care Solar Suitcase in 2019 or earlier, you may have Version 2. This page includes some resources to help you install, operate, and maintain your model.