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We Care Solar provides resources to help you understand, install and operate the Solar Suitcase and accessories. Here you will find user manuals, spec sheets, and training videos. Please contact us if need further assistance or cannot find what you are looking for.

Infographic for Version 3.0

solar-suitcase-infographic-version 3.0


Training Videos

Here are the latest training videos for the We Care Solar Suitcase (version 2.2)

Video 1 Introduction to the Solar Suitcase May 2016

Video 2 How to Teach Health Workers May 2016

Video 3 How to Install Solar Panel May 2016

Video 4 How to Install Solar Suitcase May 2016

Video 5 Maintenance & Repair May 2016

Video 6 How to Use the Fetal Doppler May 2016

Video 7 How to Install Light Expansion Box April 2017

Here are the links to our older videos on how to set up, use, optimize, install, and maintain We Care Solar Suitcase Version 2.1

Video 1 – Set Up and Use:

Video 2 – Optimize Performance:

Video 3 – Installation:

Video 4 – Maintenance: