Our Impact

Impact Overview

We Care Solar is committed to making a measurable impact on obstetric and newborn care by improving access to reliable electricity. Health workers describe significant improvements in quality care after installation of the Solar Suitcase. They are better able to quickly and efficiently manage emergencies. They feel less stressed and reassured knowing they have reliable lighting, which also improves their relationships with the patients. They report an increase in the number of deliveries and antenatal care visits, and when combined with other interventions, the Solar Suitcase has led to a decrease in maternal mortality.


Through observations, surveys, and more than 1,200 in-depth interviews, we have evidence that the Solar Suitcase significantly improves the capacity to conduct basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric care, improves health worker morale, and increases patient health-seeking behavior. The introduction of overhead LED lights, headlamps, phone chargers and fetal Dopplers to energy-deficient health centers enables health workers to work more effectively and efficiently. Outcomes of research and intervention studies are reported here.


We are doing more than just keeping the power on in frontline health facilities. We are strengthening healthcare, creating livelihoods, supporting families, promoting local empowerment and increasing community access. Behind our impact numbers are the people who directly and indirectly benefit from our activities. Many midwives, mothers and installers have graciously shared their stories with us. Hear their stories and read reflections from our own staff.