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Donations needed to improve lighting and communication at Northern Nigerian hospital

Reports from our pilot project in Northern Nigeria reveal that the used two-way radios we deployed are failing to work through the entire night shift. These used Motorola radios were provided as donations, and were never thought to be ideal choices for the hospital conditions. They require a lengthy 10 hour charge from the solar panels and can only provide 8 hours of uninterrupted service when fully charged. The physicians and nurses who rely on these devices, need to be able to communicate between 5 pm to 8 am the next day. We would like to deploy new “ICOM lite” two-way radios. These ICOM radios provide 15 hours of service using lithium ion batteries, which can be rapidly charged in 2 hours! We hope to purchase several of these radios for immediate deployment, and are looking for donors to sponsor the $329 radios, which include the lithium battery and rapid chargers.

Please click on the DONATE button if you would like to help support this project! We have a team member traveling to the Northern Nigeria in early November who is willing to transport these items directly to the hospital. Other items we are seeking are Princeton LED headlamps and rechargeable batteries. These portable lights have been facilitating obstetric and surgical care in our pilot project. However, the entire hospital staff is sharing two headlamps, and we would like to purchase and send 10 headlamps with the upcoming delivery. Each headlamp is $42.



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