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Providing Light to Facilities Without Electricity

We Care Solar provides highly efficient solar energy systems to health facilities in areas without reliable electricity. Our durable, easy-to-use Solar Suitcases power medical lighting, mobile communication and essential medical devices.

Solar Suitcases facilitate timely, safe, appropriate emergency obstetric care and improve outcomes for mothers and newborns. The obstetric Solar Suitcase includes medical quality lighting,  fetal monitors, power for charging cell phones and small devices, and headlamps with rechargeable batteries. A Solar Suitcase with solar panels, LFP battery, two medical LED lights, charge controller, mounting hardware, and standard accessories costs $1705. A Solar Suitcase with four lights is available for $2220, with bulk discounts available for NGOs.

Headlamps for Haitian health workers
Haitian community health workers with new headlamps

In remote regions without electricity, we provide headlamps, cell phone charging and solar powered lanterns to community health workers and traditional birth attendants to improve the safety of home birth.

Our aim is to improve health outcomes for childbearing mothers and their families by supporting health workers with equipment powered by the sun.