Liberia – the power of light

We’ve been conducting research with the clinicians we met in Liberia to learn about their experience using the solar suitcase. The feedback has been uniformly great, as we hear how the suitcases are used to power lights, cell phones, and

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Father’s Day, WE CARE Solar Style

While other families enjoyed a leisurely Father’s Day, WE CARE Solar dads Hal Aronson and Brent Moellenberg decided to celebrate moms and dads across the world on Father’s day. They held a solar suitcase building party – preparing nine solar

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What a difference a light makes…

In rural maternity wards, reliable lighting can literally save lives. We have been following the experience of one midwife, Rhoda Zinom, for three years. In 2008, she was trying her best to provide night time care for childbearing mothers in

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