Power to save lives.

We design, produce, and deliver We Care Solar Suitcases® to last-mile health facilities around the world, enabling midwives and doctors to provide timely and effective maternal and newborn care.

You can't treat what you can't see.

Hundreds of thousands of health facilities around the world lack reliable electricity.

The consequences are tragic.

Every year, nearly 300,000 mothers lose their lives from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. More than one million newborns don’t survive their day of birth.

The We Care Solar Suitcase® provides life-saving power.

With help from donors and partners like you, We Care Solar has deployed more than 8,600 We Care Solar Suitcases® to rural health centers and served more 15 million mothers and newborns.

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Light makes a difference.

“I can’t imagine working without the We Care Solar Suitcase® now that I have experienced its benefits.”
- Rosette Uwayezu (Midwife in Uganda)

health centers equipped with We Care Solar Suitcases®

health facility staff trained

mothers and newborns served in health centers using We Care Solar Suitcases®

estimated tons of CO2 averted

How would you like to get involved?


Make a one-time donation or recurring donations and help us reach every public health center in need of reliable lighting and power. Your donations help us save lives.


Purchase We Care Solar Suitcases® to complement your current initiatives. We love working alongside health and energy organizations to maximize their impact.


Join a growing coalition of government agencies, development partners, and orgs in the health and energy sector seeking to end energy poverty in health facilities.

Stay Up to Date

We Share Solar empowers students to build & share Solar Suitcases® with schools in energy-scarce regions of the world.

Our hands-on STEM education program inspires students with practical engineering skills and global humanitarian service.

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