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Life-saving power
for over 11 million mothers
and babies.

Life-saving power
for 7.5 million mothers
and babies.

Celebrating 12 Years of Clean Energy for Safe Childbirth

Sponsor a Clinic


Are you able and interested in making a bigger impact and joining our expanding Light Every Birth initiative with a substantial donation? We invite you to be part of our impactful cohort of health clinic sponsors.

We Share Solar 


We Share Solar, our educational program, empowers students to be global changemakers. Combining solar energy and STEM education, trained teachers inspire students to meet immediate real world needs.

Join Us!


Give the gift of lifesaving light and you will become part of a global movement to provide clean, renewable energy for health care in last mile communities. Help us ensure that no woman has to give birth in the dark.

Our Impact

Our impact to date in partnership with 75+ health, technical, and government partners

health centers equipped with solar suitcases
health workers trained
mothers and newborns served in health centers using Solar Suitcases
hours of medical light available
estimated tons of CO2 averted
  • "It is hard to conduct a delivery at night with a kerosene lamp. It is hot, and does not even provide sufficient light, let alone a delivery. It is even harder to suture a patient without sufficient light."

    Ugandan Midwife