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A donation to We Care Solar will help us shine a light on childbirth and improve outcomes for mothers and newborns.

Your donations help us promote safer obstetric care for clinics and hospitals without reliable light and power throughout the world. Our We Care Solar Suitcases ensure that reliable lighting and mobile communication is available as a primary source of lighting in clinics, and back-up lighting and power for hospital operating theaters and delivery rooms. In addition to our Ethiopia campaign, we are raising funds for programs in West Africa and Nepal, as described below.

Support our “Light Up Hadiya” program in Ethiopia 

Women and her baby visiting her family member who had just given birth-1We are partnering with WEEMA International to bring Solar Suitcases to 23 health centers in Hadiya. Help us “Light Up Hadiya” and bring a brighter future to mothers and babies in Ethiopia. We are 2/3 of the way towards meeting our goals for this ambitious program.



Help us fight Ebola!  We’re 70% of the way towards our goal.

1214 Liberia Ebola responseWith the Ebola crisis in West Africa, we have received urgent requests for 100 Solar Suitcases for maternal health clinics and holding centers in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Please help us support efforts to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia! We have received support for 70 Solar Suitcases and are seeking funds to support 30 more health centers.


Help us make childbirth safer

0714 Nepal Solar SuitcaseIn Nepal, we are working with One Heart Worldwide to provide reliable lighting to their Safe Motherhood programs. Through our last Solar Suitcase program with One Heart, the maternal death rate in Baglung dropped to ZERO. No more mothers died in this district after One Heart Worldwide started their “network of safety” program. Help us bring this amazing program to more districts. We are seeking funds to equip 15 health centers with Solar Suitcases in 2015.

Every donation helps!
Each Solar Suitcase with accessories costs $1,645, including medical lights, headlamps, phone charging and a fetal Doppler.

Adopt a health center with a gift of $2,500. This covers the cost of the Solar Suitcase, international shipping, local transportation costs, installation, as well as health workers training, and follow-up.

Join the Friends of WE CARE with a gift in the amount of:
$50, $75, $100, $250 or $500

Become a WE CARE Sponsor by pledging the following amount:
$1,000, $2,500, $5,000

Leadership Contributors are a critical source of support for our innovative programs. Leadership gifts of $10,000 or more enable us to significantly expand or develop new programs in countries seeking our services. Please let us know if you would like more information.

If you would like to donate in honor of a friend, loved one, or special event, we can provide a lovely card to commemorate your gift. Send information to

If you would like to sponsor a WE CARE Solar house party or fundraising event, please contact us for a house party packet.

Thank you so very much for your support.




The Solar Suitcase

We Care Solar designs portable, cost-effective Solar Suitcases that power critical lighting, mobile communication devices and medical devices in low resource areas without reliable electricity.

By equipping off-grid medical clinics with solar power for medical and surgical lighting, cell phones and essential medical devices, We Care Solar facilitates timely and appropriate emergency care, reducing maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, and improving the quality of care in Africa, Haiti and other regions.

> Learn more about the Solar Suitcase
> Learn more About Us

Donate to WE CARE Solar

We Care Solar promotes safe childbirth in developing countries. Your donations allow us to fulfill requests from clinics around the world in need of Solar Suitcases. Donations also help us integrate new medical applications for the Solar Suitcase, expand our programs, and build a network of local Solar Suitcase trainers and technicians. We welcome and deeply appreciate your support.