Where There Is No Light

Imagine having to conduct a delivery in darkness. This 2012 video tells We Care Solar's story from the first suitcase in Nigeria to the hundreds deployed throughout the world today.

Lighting up "Last Mile" Health Care

laura with suitcase

We Care Solar works to bring essential medical lighting to "last mile" health centers. We just installed 10 Solar Suitcases in Malawi, including one to this remote island, in partnership with Jhpiego, Save the Children, and CARE.

Brightening Lives in Nepal

Nepal OHW April 2014 Solar Suitcase Baglung

          In Nepal, our partners at One Heart Worldwide are delivering Solar Suitcases to bring light, fetal dopplers, and portable ultrasound to midwives in rural health centers.

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    We Share Solar didn’t let snowy weather prevent them from leading a workshop on Solar Suitcase installation….they held an indoor hands-on training in Princeton New Jersey for volunteers headed to remote communities, using walls and rooftops simulating those found developing countries. We Share co-director Gigi Goldman was determined to create the opportunity for volunteer teams to ...

  • Eva and Chance finishedA day in the life of a Solar Ambassador…. by Merritt Eby Gates

    February 10th 2014, Kisoro, Uganda What a beautiful day… I awake at 6:45 by a diesel generator.  While the fumes pour in my room and the noise drowns out the morning birds, I’m reminded just how wonderful Solar Energy is. Thunder crashes and rain fills the streets of Kabale, Shannon Fulton sends a funny text, “Room ...

  • Tacloban Midwives IMAP“Philippine Heroes of the Night” by Robin Lim and Laura Stachel

    It was before dawn at the birth center in coastal Leyte when the storm began. Three women were in labor where midwife Gina practices along with her daughter-in-law and her niece. As typhoon Haiyan came closer they could hear the wind howling. The three expectant mothers and the two younger midwives became increasingly frightened. Gina ...


The Solar Suitcase

We Care Solar designs portable, cost-effective Solar Suitcases that power critical lighting, mobile communication devices and medical devices in low resource areas without reliable electricity.

By equipping off-grid medical clinics with solar power for medical and surgical lighting, cell phones and essential medical devices, We Care Solar facilitates timely and appropriate emergency care, reducing maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, and improving the quality of care in Africa, Haiti and other regions.

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We Care Solar promotes safe childbirth in developing countries. Your donations allow us to fulfill requests from clinics around the world in need of Solar Suitcases. Donations also help us integrate new medical applications for the Solar Suitcase, expand our programs, and build a network of local Solar Suitcase trainers and technicians. We welcome and deeply appreciate your support.