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Brent MoellenbergDirector of Engineering

    Brent Moellenberg, Director of Engineering, is a mechanical engineer who especially enjoys working in the renewable energy field. He has over 15 years of engineering industry experience, in of range of disciplines including renewable energy, MRI hardware design, agriculture testing, and computer hardware/software engineering. Beginning in 2005, Brent devoted much of his spare time to Engineers Without Borders, with whom he travelled to help with sustainable power systems within the developing world. He has also created remote solar monitoring solutions, currently used in both commercial as well as developing world settings. Brent joined our team as lead engineer in 2010, when we traveled to Haiti on a Solar Suitcase program. Since that time, he has travelled to Nigeria, Liberia, Uganda and Ethiopia, installing Solar Suitcases, training technicians and conducting field research. Brent has been instrumental in improving the design, installation and monitoring of our robust, portable Solar Suitcases.