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We are incredibly grateful to the Ricky Martin Foundation for providing 35 Solar Suitcases filled with LIGHT & HOPE for the people of Puerto Rico where the power grid is destroyed and will be down for several months.  Ricky has been working hard to bring medicine, supply and much needed electricity to communities recovering from Hurricane Maria. We thank the the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation for their generous support of this program made possible through a partnership with Music for Relief.

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  • Sarah Rey

    Que Dios te bendiga por tu ayuda en nuestra isla con nuestra gente. Yo siempre te e querido pero mucho mas ahora.
    I’m a Nuyorican so if my written Spanish is incorrect please forgive me. 😊

  • Reply

    Gracias Ricky Martin, el Solar Suit Cases sería una gran ayuda para la gente en Puerto Rico. También las necesitan también en Texas, y en otras áreas.

    Fayetteville, North Carolina

  • Mar

    How can we add to this effort? I know some people in Vega Baja- I heard they are ok from one contact but town without power?
    Can we raise some money to get them some suitcases in the area?

    • Robin Wolaner

      Thank you for your willingness to help. We at We Care Solar are not involved in the placement of the Suitcases in this situation — emergencies are different from our usual work, and the implementation partner needs to make on-the-ground decisions based on the reality there. I suggest you donate to and comment there about the area you recommend.

  • Carmen Cruz

    Yes. I’m sure we cn use solar suitcases in Vieques, Humacao & Yabucoa, P.R How much do we need to raise for every solar suitcase? How many for 10? We can get this done for Puerto Rico. Thank you to Ricky Martin & Leo DiCaprio for thinking beyond fossil fuels! Let’s build a 21st century ‘Isla del Encanto’! 💜🗽☮🇵🇷

    • Laura Stachel

      We work through implementation partners to get our Solar Suitcases to public institutions where they can be used effectively. Our costs vary by program, but $2000 per Solar Suitcases allows us to respond to need in Puerto Rico.

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