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WE CARE Solar has been honored as a 2011 Tech Award winner this year. The Tech Award Gala was a multi-media extravaganza, with the keynote address by luminary Jeff Skoll, who chronicled his life’s work and commitment to making the world better. The gala presented movies highlighting the work of the 15 Tech Award Laureates, whose work benefitting humanity covered the areas of the Environment, Education, Equality, Economic Development, and Health.  The event included a beautiful showcase of the work of all the laureates, and our Solar Suitcases were of course on hand. The attendees loved our simple solution to a largely overlooked problem – lack of reliable lighting and power in health care facilities around the world. Jeff Skoll himself came over to view our prize-winning suitcase.

While the evening was a wonderful opportunity for the WE CARE Team to celebrate how far we have come, it was also an evening to remember how many childbearing women lose their lives because they cannot access skilled care in facilities with guaranteed light. We honor the dedicated health care workers around the world who do their best to cope under adverse conditions that most of us would never tolerate. This award is a salute to these courageous souls and our generous prize money from Nokia will be used to improve dozens of health facilities lacking basic light and power.

Intisar Ali shows Solar Suitcase headed to Somalia