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solar powered lighting in Liberian clinicWe’ve been conducting research with the clinicians we met in Liberia to learn about their experience using the solar suitcase. The feedback has been uniformly great, as we hear how the suitcases are used to power lights, cell phones, and other devices. Clinicians tell us that it’s easier to see at night and repair lacerations, making obstetric care safer. The solar suitcase has become a source of pride – villagers come to some clinics just to see the bright lights in the maternity rooms. We’re told that the overhead LED lights in the labor rooms are attracting more women to deliver in clinics at night. This means more women are having skilled providers at their births. One provider informed us, “People love it and say, ‘I wish I could be in labor!'” Getting more women to choose birth in clinics with skilled providers is one important way to promote safe motherhood, and we’re proud to be playing a part in this international goal.