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This summer, Solar Energy International instructors in Colorado are training teachers and photovoltaic enthusiasts to assemble the Solar Suitcase in partnership with WE CARE Solar. In June, high school and college teachers from around the country learned to create our portable solar energy kits from Soozie Lindbloom (SEI) and Hal Aronson (WE CARE Solar) as part of a renewable energy workshop for educators. Their efforts resulted in FIVE new solar suitcases. The workshop was truly fun received with great enthusiasm.
In August, SEI is extending similar instruction to individuals wanting to learn more about renewable energy in developing countries. Instructor Laurie Guevara-Stone will include the WE CARE Solar suitcase in her superb 5-day workshop in Carbondale, Colorado. Dr. Laura Stachel will be on hand to present her work in Nigeria and Haiti and to supervise the solar suitcase assembly. See the SEI website for more information:….