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We’re eager to improve the design of our most popular item – the solar suitcase. We have receive requests for solar electrification from clinics all over the world – from Borneo to the Amazon to the Congo, and have been invited to participate in a wide range of health care projects. Clearly, the prospect of reliable light and communication has struck an important nerve for health providers around the globe.

We’re working with a solar module manufacturer, Everbright Solar, to create portable solar panels that will specifically to fit in a suitcase and not break during transport! We’re testing out a variety of 12 V DC light bulbs and rechargeable headlamps to find the most robust products for clinical care. We’ve exploring different plug-and-play components to make our equipment as easy to use as possible. We’re evaluating the compatibility of our suitcase of diagnostic devices – like the portable ultrasound shown in this photo and laptop computers. And we’re creating training manuals that will enable health care providers to maximize their understanding of the use of our products.

So, if you want to know how to pack a solar suitcase to improve maternal health, here are some key ingredients:
-Solar Panels,
-Sealed Batteries,
-A charge controller,
-LED lights for room lighting,
-A battery charger,
-A diagnostic device or two,
-Walkie-talkies or power cords for cell phones, and
….a whole lot of love.