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News of the solar suitcase is traveling fast.

UNICEF shared information about the solar suitcase in a recent “innovations fair” in Geneva, Switzerland.

And Heather Fleming, of Catapult Designs, is testing one of our prototype suitcases in a Rwandan health care facility in August. See for Heather’s blog.

PRI, BBC, and WGBH presented a podcast on the solar suitcase on August 7th. The podcast can be accessed at

New Hampshire Public Radio featurd the solar suitcase on a recent program called Word of Mouth. A recording of an excellent interview by the host, Virginia Prescott, can be found

WE CARE Solar was featured in a story about Nigerian electricity (or more accurately, the lack of reliable electricity) on a website called Global Dashboard – Notes from the Future

And a British website called that promotes products that “do good in the world” recently posted a lead article about the solar suitcase. The article is entitled A Very Bright Idea and can be found at