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The installation at Kofan Gayan General Hospital in Zaria, Nigeria was completed last month; now the hospital has solar electric lighting, six new walkie-talkies, and a solar-powered blood bank refrigerator. The operating room is equipped with overhead lighting and a suction machine, and we’re told the new set up is “fantastic.”

WE CARE is looking into ways to bring solar electricity to more clinics and hospitals in Nigeria. The Commissioner of Health and the Governor of Kaduna have endorsed the WE CARE initiative, and we’re working on refining our original designs in anticipation of further product placement. WE CARE will be
returning to Nigeria in the early summer to evaluate the newly installed solar electric system, and to identify the lighting and communication needs of primary care clinics in the same area. In addition to our permanent installation model, we are developing our “solar suitcase” model, which we hope to deploy in primary care clinics in the coming year.