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Despite some initial trepidation about transporting four boxes of equipment to Nigeria, I made it! I found a way to stuff the boxes inside suitcases to make them less obvious, then carried the new 50″ hospital antenna in a poster tube, and slipped out of the airport without any difficulties.

Idris was waiting for me outside of the airport. He’s a wonderful young man who was my driver on the last two trips. He drove four hours to the airport, and is now staying overnight in Abuja with me so that we can drive safely back to Zaria in the morning.

I’m so excited to be here. I have been in communication with hospital staff members over the last week. They are eager to try out the new equipment, and have been collecting data this week to document the challenges of providing medical care when lighting and communication are impaired.

Tomorrow I’ll call Muyi Lawal, the CEO of Solar Electric Systems, Ltd., to confirm the start date for the photovoltaic installation in the hospital. Among the many items I carried on the plane are 30 LED lightbulbs, designed to last for years, that we’ll be using to bring night light to the maternity ward, labor and delivery, and operating room.

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