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The We Share Solar Educational Program is an innovative new program from We Care Solar that gives American youth a chance to link science and technology with international philanthropy. This initiative is a project-based curriculum for middle schools, high schools and colleges designed to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills, solar energy knowledge, and awareness of sustainable development and energy poverty in the developing world.


Completed We Share Solar Suitcases can be donated to schools, orphanages, community centers and camps in regions that lack electricity. The experience of making a positive difference in the lives of others inspires students to want to learn and do more. Hal Aronson, co-founder of We Care Solar, designed the We Share Solar Education Program in response to frequent requests from educational institutions looking to build Solar Suitcases and tap this service learning project. By linking these requests with the great need for light in schools, orphanages and other non-medical facilities in energy poor regions, Hal has created an exciting and robust educational program.

“The We Share Solar Education Program serves youth twice. First as an educational experience for American youth, and second, as a renewable power and lighting system for youth in parts of the world that lack electricity.”

-Hal Aronson, Co-Founder

We Share Solar Meets Two Needs

1. The Need for Inspiring STEM Education Projects for American Youth

  • The US lags other nations in STEM education.
  • The problem is not just proficiency among American students, but also lack of interest in STEM.
  • Teachers lack support as well as interesting and intriguing curricula.
  • To improve STEM education, the USA must focus on both preparation and inspiration, particularly among girls and minorities who are underrepresented in these fields.
  • STEM education is most successful when students develop personal connections with ideas and excitement of STEM fields.


2. The Need for lighting Orphanages, Schools and Community Centers

  • Significant populations in the world lack access to electricity, including Sub-Saharan Africa where less than 25% of the population has access to power.
  • Orphanages and schools are often found in rural locations where less than 10% of the population has access to electricity.
  • Given their status, orphanages are often last in line for resources allocation, including electricity.
  • There are between 143-210 million orphans worldwide, with many in orphanages that strive to offer protection and education.
  • Without light, these children cannot read or study when darkness falls. There is no opportunity for community gathering, workshops or genial play. Darkness leads to danger, fear and boredom.
  • Many Orphanages, schools and villages have contacted We Care Solar looking for a chance to have light through the solar suitcase application.

References: UNICEF Reports, The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Executive Report Prepare and Inspire: K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education for America’s Future


The Solar Suitcase

We Care Solar designs portable, cost-effective Solar Suitcases that power critical lighting, mobile communication devices and medical devices in low resource areas without reliable electricity.

By equipping off-grid medical clinics with solar power for medical and surgical lighting, cell phones and essential medical devices, We Care Solar facilitates timely and appropriate emergency care, reducing maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, and improving the quality of care in Africa, Haiti and other regions.

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We Care Solar promotes safe childbirth in developing countries. Your donations allow us to fulfill requests from clinics around the world in need of Solar Suitcases. Donations also help us integrate new medical applications for the Solar Suitcase, expand our programs, and build a network of local Solar Suitcase trainers and technicians. We welcome and deeply appreciate your support.